With our new technology, we are able to offer wellness screenings which are useful for early detection of disease processes.  These screenings are recommended for the monitoring of retinal integrity. Although, this process can be performed without dilation, this procedure is not meant to take the place of dilation. 




To provide you with a better standard of care, we perfoming retinal photos on all our patients. This allows our doctors to retain an imprint of your eyes for future comparision and allows a more comprehensive evaluation of  your eyes.

Wellness screenings and retinal photos, are services not covered by insurance but have been made affordable for your convenience. Taking advantage of both procedures, will help our doctors inform you of steps that can be taken to address visual concerns.

Comprehensive exam

It is important to perform annual eye exams and dilated exams for a full assessment of ocular health and determination of vision changes. Dilation is a way to detect and monitor  disease processes that may hinder vision if otherwise undetected. 

       Contact lens       exam

Most patients will be fit into soft contacts. In some cases of high corrections, rigid gas permeable lenses will be an alternative option. Corneal diseases may grant the need for contact lenses especially designed for irregularly shaped corneas.

        Pediatric       exam

It is advisable to have your child's eyes examined prior to beginning preschool or sooner if noting any visual concerns. If there is a history of eye disease in the family or if a child is born premature, these are important reasons to consider early eye exams.


Evaluation of medical concerns

In certain cases of eye disease, it is necessary to refer to an ophthalmologist for further evaluation and  treatment. The University of Houston has several specialist that can perform treatment in a well equipped setting.

Ocular Emergency/ Red Eye

Not all red eyes are due to viruses and can be onset by simple ocular conditions such as dry eye or complex medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases. If noting and sudden changes, please regard  it as an ocular emergency and follow up with an eye care professional right away.

Vision therapy solutions

In cases of reduced vision due to lack of vision correction or due to eye turns, a.k.a strabismus, vision therapy can help visual quality through the weaker eye. In some cases, additional therapy may be required.



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